Meet Our Exhibitors: SketchPark

While we have showcased a number of fantasy and adventure games CVR, today we look at our first tower defence game. Our exhibitors, SketchPark bring to us the first tower teleporting defense game for the GearVR, The Elementalist X.

In this adventure, one of Earth's most sacred sites, Agalma, has come under attack from demonic forces. Take the role of an Elementalist, summoned to help secure the site and vanquish evil from within its walls. Teleport to gain strategic position and avoid getting attacked. Use your magic to exterminate demons in this beautiful 360° experience.

As a powerful Elementalist you fight the evil hoarde, challenging them with your brains and brawn. Master your spell combinations to overcome the demonic forces that are trying to invade Agalma. Teleport to change the tower types to wield the spell power that will overcome the evil. Use the elements to destroy endless foes and master the game in Ironman mode. How long can you survive and protect Agalma?


Sketchpark Software Inc. specializes in game and web development solutions; providing services to clients world-wide. Learn more. 

Get your CVR tickets and master the elements in this tower defence adventure!