Meet Our Exhibitors: Metanaut

One of the amazing parts of VR, is the potential experiences it offers people that otherwise might not have the opportunities. Our next exhibitor, Metanaut, had the goal of reaching beyond the restrictions of the real world, with their experience, Lyra. 

Lyra is a playground for musicians to experiment in without real world limitations. 
Build fantastical music sequences with your bare hands, creating visual symphonies that you can fully immerse into. For the first time ever, jump into the music you've created and experience your masterpiece in a spectacular audio, visual sensory orchestra.

Lyra won 1st Place in the Leap Motion 3D Jam 2.0 – 2015 VR Track. In addition, the experience won the Community Award for Most Popular Idea awarded by Canada’s largest tech-incubation platform, Istuary Group. 


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Get your CVR tickets and explore music like you never have before with Lyra!