Meet Our Exhibitors: Reverge VR

Many of our exhibitors are using VR to revolutionize everyday experiences including sports, education, and music. Today's exhibitor, Reverge VR, shows with their demo, Hint Mint VR Gallery, that even visiting an art gallery can be completely altered through virtual reality. 

Over the last decade, Hint Mint has commissioned nearly a dozen top artists to design their own unique packaging artwork for the company’s unique mint tins. Each artist has created breathtaking pieces that show off their unique style in order to bring you the ultimate ‘Hip Pocket’ gift.

This app created by Reverge VR is a Virtual Reality Gallery experience showcasing the amazing art that was produced for each Artist Series Tin.


Reverge VR is a virtual and augmented reality production company. We get hired by studios, marketing and advertising agencies, film-makers and brands to create visually engaging and immersive experiences. Learn more.

Get your CVR tickets and experience your own private virtual art gallery with Reverge VR!