Experience House of Languages at CVR 2016

Up until now we've seen VR experiences for gaming, for sports, and for mental health and relaxation. We are happy to reveal that CVR will also have educational VR experiences, including Fox 3D VR's House of Languages.

House of Languages VR is a fun new way to learn English, German and Spanish using several channels of perception in a virtual reality environment. Guided by the friendly racoon, Mr. Woo, players are taken through beautiful VR environments as they learn foreign words and broaden their vocabulary. With this virtual foundation, users can build their confidence in practicing their chosen new language. So discover, interact, learn, and enjoy!

House of Languages was the Bronze Winner of Oculus' Mobile VR Jam 2015. Brad Herman, Head of DreamLab at Dreamworks declared it "is a glimpse into the future of education". 


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Get your CVR tickets, check out House of Languages, and pick up some Spanish in the process!