Meet Our Exhibitors: Cloudhead Games

While many VR games have been modified or ported to be accessible in VR, Cloudhead Games have built The Gallery to be a VR experience from the ground up, with the intricacies of the medium driving every aspect of design.

In this adventure, a strange message left by your mischievous twin sister, Elsie, will draw you into a mysterious journey filled with bizarre characters, a sinister presence and awe inspiring adventure. Along the way, you will be assisted by a helpful yet unhinged Professor who may harbor ulterior motives of his own. Your search for Elsie will lead you to an ancient cosmic machine and test your will against a shadowy figure who resides within it.  

Transport yourself to fantasy worlds and experience a deep sense of presence as you uncover intricate details, looking in, under, over and around every nook and cranny. Experience complete hand tracking and interact within the environment like never before through groundbreaking gameplay designed specifically for VR. Enjoy cutting edge positional audio and spellbinding soundtrack by award-winning composer, Jeremy Soule. Rekindle your love for adventure with a classic character-driven narrative inspired by dark 80’s fantasy films, and brought to life with Perception Neuron fueled MoCap performances


Cloudhead Games has partnered with industry leaders to produce the best built-for-VR experiences. Their proprietary, cross-platform tool set and advances in VR research continue to push the boundaries of virtual reality development. Learn more.

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